Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hello Hello Hello
Is there anyone there!?
Any one can hear me?!
Any one can see me?!
I need just one "Yes""
or may be one sign
Tell me something
Even one Hi
then i will keep going
then I know yesterday was real
then I know your were there
Hello Hello Hello
Is there anyone there?

Friday, June 10, 2016

Justice or Love

There is wonder
thousands questions
one more time
collect all my life in one luggage
and walk to my unknown future
and leave my heart behind
This time journey without heart....
This time made choice
Justice or love?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sarzamin Man

With tiredness
With heart full of pain
With a chalk from our land
 Can write on the board
Can draw the portrait from “Home”
Enlightenment ,
Possible everyday during prayer
With doubt about all
With ambiguity and error
Between two prayer
Keep head on the earth
In the land of others
Cry and morn
Remember those past days
We can stay silent
Burn with out any cry of pain
Can say again
We are alive
Even without feeling it
We can divide
All pain because of
We can change our destiny
But I have doubt
To be able to forget
Your name, your memory
I have doubt
To be able to forget
Those moments you embraced me
I have doubt that be able
To forget the taste of your care
Familiar childhood song
Habituated alphabet
I wish you knew that
Loneliness is permanent
I wish could go back
To childhood
To find peace
I removed purdah
From face
But alas
Heart still is in purdah
It need familiar one
To come out of Purdah

Mother land
Love of father
Familiar land
Kindness hands

Monday, December 22, 2014

His holy silence in absence of peace

I don't appreciate your silence
nor your absence

Since you decided to be silent 
they talk on your behalf
Earth became land for fight

I don't appreciate your silence 
nor your absence

Since you kept quite 
they narrate their misquotation

Everywhere, everyone 
talk on your behalf
about what you want 
about what you said
about your judgment
about your rule

Break your silence
let us know the truth 
bring peace one more time.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


she never ever share you with others
Not even with you
she scape of all eyes
not to share the reflection of you in her eyes
she walked to the corner
closed her eyes
reviewed you
for one more time
like 1000 other times..
she never ever share you
not even with you...

remove from distance

some people born with distance and isolation
some people live with in distance and isolation
some draw a wall keep distance behind it
some erase distance and move from isolation
I jumped from distance
with your eyes
kept your dream in isolation
within me
climbed all distance
moment to moment
behind your shadow
not interest in all distance
those that take you away from me
when reached you fully
without distance
all my heart and my soul
was hearing
your breath middle of my hair
distance dis appeared